About Us

Jer @ KusamaTavinjer Creative, headed by Jeremiah Christie, is all about making something… new. We make books about strange things; write down the ancient stories of foreign cultures; look at the world from different perspectives; and make art of all kinds. We love collaborating; we love seeing things we’ve never seen before; we love creating things that no one else has ever imagined before. Stick around.

The Crown of Secrets

The Crown of Secrets is an illustrated collection of stories for children, adults, and everybody else. A mixture of short and long, informative and inspirational, fanciful and nostalgic, this oversized picture book will be a welcome addition to any home.

The Coloring Book

The Crown of Secrets is a great storybook and all, but sometimes you just need to color stuff on your own. We’ve got you covered.

The CoS coloring book is 32 pages of coloring fun taken straight from the full book. Stories are condensed and adapted into coloring pages with creative activities, and the story “Hunting My Dress,” illustrated by Kristin Richland, is ready to be colored in its entirety.


We provide high-quality voiceover services to suit any need, delivered promptly and to your exact specifications, having worked with clients like the Shijiazhuang Metro, Chery Automobiles, and Hebei Medical University for the past 5+ years. Experience includes:

  • Subway in-car announcements
  • eLearning modules
  • Video narration
  • Audiobooks
  • Listening Exam audio
  • Procedural instructions

Copy proofing, script editing, translation assistance, and audio editing are all available.

Please contact us for pricing and additional information!


We make short films, too. Some independently…

…and others with friends.